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Board & Train

Our most popular service to meet and expedite you and your dog's needs. During their board and train stay at Charged-Up K9 LLC, your dog will experience elite training while comfortably being boarded in our state of the art facility! Most of our board and train programs last 2-6 weeks depending on level of training needed. Reach out today for an evaluation!


Board and Train: Basic Obedience Package

This is an ideal package for puppies or if your dog has not yet had any prior training. During their stay they will be introduced to the basic commands, sit, stay, lay down. We believe in a balanced style training to ensure that your dog has a solid foundation and understanding of good behavior.


Board and Train: Off Leash Training Package

If you would like to optimize your dog and have your dog on an elite level of training, then this package is for you! With our balanced style training method your dog will learn how to walk off leash and you will have the peace of mind knowing your dog will come to you when called. They will also learn or tune up on all of the basic commands. 


Board and Train: Personal Protection Package

This package will give you the peace of mind knowing that your household is protected by your four legged furry friend! Having the sense of security while also having a lovable family pet is our clients ultimate goal with their personal protection dog. You want a dog that can bark on and off on command and will be able to bite "the man" on command and release as well. In our protection dog training program we teach the fundamental and foundational skills in order to get your dog to this level of protection for your household. 


Board and Train: Elite Package

This is our most advanced level of training for our board and train program. During your dog's stay, they will learn or brush up on the basic commands, have on and off leash training, and will learn foundational skills for protection development training. 

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