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Services We Offer

Listed below are our most popular services we provide. We do offer additional services based on what you and your dog's needs are.


Board and Train

Rewarding Results

Board and trains are where you will get the most out of your money and see the fastest results with your dog(s). During our board and trains we offer basic obedience, off leash training, behavior modification, and more! Please contact us for inquiries about pricing and plans!


Protection Work/Bite Development

Exceptional Progress

Our personal protection program trains your dog to be social with their family but when needed given a single command will protect their family. We offer private personal protection work or group sessions. Please contact us for inquires about pricing and sessions!


One-on-One Sessions

Remarkable Success

One-on-one sessions are great for dog owners looking to work alongside their dog(s) in the training process. We come to your home and will train your dog in basic obedience, behavior modification, or off leash training while you work alongside our trainer. We also offer group sessions as well. Please contact us for inquires about pricing and sessions!

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